Our Coffee

Our unique coffee

We pride ourselves on being one of the few (if not the only one) specialty coffee estate companies in Nicaragua with a fully integrated supply chain segment at origin, meaning we plant, produce, harvest, process, classify, and market/export all of our green coffee beans directly from the farm to their final destination all around the world. Therefore, we guarantee the quality and traceability of our products.

The production of special, certified Rainforest Alliance coffee is nowadays around 4,000 bags of 69 kgs. We are currently working on a coffee plantation renovation program, which will elevate the yield to over 6,000 bags within the next five years.

Our Varietals

In both of our farms, we harvest the following varietals of coffee:


Catuai Rojo y Amarillo

Catimor T5175





Tupi RN


Híbrido Centroamericano (H1)

Híbrido H3

Híbrido H17





Pink Bourbon

Híbrido H8

Our Processes

At the fully integrated wet and dry processing plant of La Bastilla Estate, we can differentiate the coffees harvested from different farm sections (e.g. El Peñon, San Pedro) or different varieties with 5 different processes. The coffee harvested each day turns out to become one or several small (micro) lots of parchment or naturally dried cherries, which are carefully classified (cupped for quality) and then stored in our warehouse according to variety and internal classification. These lots then await «orders» for hulling/grading and export. In the end, we produce approximately 350 micro-lots each season.

Fully Washed

The largest part of our crop is fully washed, the traditional processing method for fine milds, and dried at 45 degrees C. The washed parchment is classified with clean water in the «Colombian channel» prior to drying.

Honey processed

Specially selected small lots harvested during the center of the crop are being dried with the mucilage or honey still attached to the parchment skins. We named these lots «Miel de La Bastilla» for its underlying honey sweetness.

Yeast Fermentation

We use specialty yeasts (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) made by Lallemand for fermentation in a controlled environment (bins) which give the coffee an additional layer of tropical fruit and floral aromas. These special, washed lots have tropical-fruit-like (pineapple) tastes. That is why we call it «Pineapple Candy».

Natural processed

Our field staff diligently select very ripe sections of the farm to be processed as Naturals, which requires good planning since it takes a long time to dry these lots in a slow process in two stages. The details of this process are a»trade secret» of our mill manager. La Bastilla Natural lots have deep and exotic black-fruit-like tastes. That is why we call it «Blueberry Candy».

Anaerobic processed

During the peak of the harvest, we select specific lots and varietals with high concentrations of mucilage (Brix) to apply the anaerobic fermentation process. During this processs, fermentation occurs in the absence of oxygen, creating a distinctive aroma and flavor profile full of powerful and complex fruit notes. We use custom-built airtight stainless steel containers that allow us to monitor and control temperature, air pressure, and acidity (PH) which are key factors for anaerobic fermentation.

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