Creating local paths for education:
Our primary school project

A bit of background to our educational project

La Bastilla is located in an extremely rural area, with the closest official school located 6km away. Our vision to support our community by giving them the tools to thrive led us to found a small school for the children of our employees in 2003. At first, our school had only 2 primary school teachers and 30 students. Little by little the farm’s neighbors became interested in a formal school and when we conducted a survey there was a demand to send 165 children to our school! So, with the support of the Jacobs Foundation from Switzerland, we reached an agreement with the Ministry of Education, and we built a new school on our farm. Today we are happy to have more than 200 students attending all grades from preschool, primary, and secondary school, and employ 6 teachers. Our biggest success is to see our students thrive, and we are very proud to support them on their journey.

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